82% of our clients have a substantially healthier profit margin within 90 days.

We are in the business of transforming your business. ¬†Partnering with Profits In Motion brings the laser focused skill set and talent of our team. We have helped over 200 businesses improve cash flow immediately and forge a pathway for sustainable growth. Every business contains unique challenges. Profits In Motion has maintained a solid track record helping businesses make incredible progress within the first 90 of partnership. That’s why we stand behind our pricing model:

You don’t pay us a dime until we boost your profits.¬†

That’s right. The simple fact is that if we cannot help you, you don’t pay us. Our refined process allows us to operate in this manner. We’ll know within 30 minutes if we can help you and what kind of impact we can make. We don’t want

We are passionate about the health and growth of small business.

We are particular about the customers we take on. We will also be honest with you as to whether we think we can help you. We take on a maximum of 12 new customers per month. If you think you’re a good candidate and would like our help please reach out to us. Even if we do not take you on as a client we can provide some incredible resources.